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Days of Fire and Gold 

takes place during the adventurous, often dangerous times of the California Gold Rush. Most of the action happens in a small mining town nestled among the Sierra Nevada foothills in the mid-1850s, but the story begins in San Francisco and returns there at different points in future books.

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A Promise of Freedom book cover

The beautiful cover of my upcoming prequel!


Finola O’Brien has worked as a nurse-midwife in the city by the bay for over four years, and she’s familiar with poverty and injustice. Though she’s seen a few lucky men discover incredible riches in their desperate search for gold, she’s watched countless others fail. For some, greed and ambition have turned to anger and hate. When a shocking murder comes to light and her friend’s life is at risk, Finola has only one choice.

No matter the cost,

she must keep her promise.   


A PROMISE of FREEDOM is a 13k prequel story that leads directly into

Book #1 of the DAYS of FIRE and GOLD series,

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And Coming This Summer….



of an


Book #1 in the

DAYS of FIRE and GOLD series!




Working as a nurse in 1850s San Francisco, Finola is familiar with poverty, injustice, and danger. But when violence leads to murder, she must flee the city for the gold-mining towns of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Taking on a different identity, shouldering new responsibilities, and questioning her choices, Finola carves out a new life…

and hopes the past never catches up with her.     



will be out in June 2018!


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